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Greetings to Octavia's website where your ideas and inspirations blossom. Here you will get "Great Quality Custom Art and Service" whether your here looking for a custom tattoo or purchasing quality tattoo art.
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We all have a story to share, a lesson learned, a love lost, a love found or belief to live by, and some of you commemorate these feelings with ink
Octavia Vaughan

Latest Custom Tattoo for James - Up Hill Struggle

This is an all over back tattoo for James, this is about his up hill struggle and his determination to fight against all the odds to reach his goals and dreams. Everything that is worth while is worth working hard for with passion and with dedication we can really move mountains.
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Looking For A Custom Tattoo? Here Are Some Past Commissions.

Dean's Sleeve - Fenrir Viking Wolf • Geoff's Sleeve - Dragon • Siani's Back - Phoenix
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Thank you for visiting my site. If you are looking for a personal tattoo and you like my style of art, then you've come to the right place. So drop me a email. I have much to offer, and have been working with clients from all over the world helping them bring their visions to life.

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Want To See What A Tattoo looks Like First Before Getting The Real Thing?

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Top 3 Sellers This Week - Blossom - Owl and Unicorn - Cute Squirrel

I have been selling temporary tattoo over on my etsy store since 2014. You guys love temporary tattoos, whether your using them for fun or too see what a tattoo would look like, you keep coming back for more. I will soon be selling them here on my website with FREE shipping. Temporary Tattoos Application Removal Tips

My Art Prints are Printed on the Highest Quality Fine Art Innova Paper.

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Fine Art Prints
4x4" Prints
4x6" Prints
Open Ended Giclée Prints
6x8 or 9x6
Limited Edition Giclée Prints
Numbered With Signed Certificates
12x16 and upwards

Tattoo Styled Jewelry - Each Piece is Made for You

Set on vintage antique bronze setting using glass cabochon
Nickel and Lead FREE antique bronze
All my wearable pieces are handmade and as such you may find small imperfections in each. I strive to send out pieces that are beautiful. For more of Octavia's Jewelry check out her
etsy store.
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