Private Commissions - Now Taking Bookings

Step 1 - Advice for You.

Take a look at the list below to help me build a picture of your tattoo.

• Good Photos & Images -
are everything, they contain all visual information a tattoo artist needs. The larger the better!
• Style - you love! This maybe an artist's style you like, you may have an image in mind but you want the style changed.
• Theme - old school, retro, celtic, moody, colorful, bright, bold, fantasy, whimsical, biochemical, dark, horror, pinup, comic, etc
• Color - or greyscale
• Size
• Placement

Skin Color - this will effect the colors of how I design the tattoo, but your tattoo artist will adjust the colors so they look stunning on your skin.
Basic Rules - in artwork the more simple the design the more it will stand out, so try not to overcomplicate your design. Mix it up with simple shapes and add details here and there. The eye is in the small detail and it will bring your tattoo to life.
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Step 2 - Chat in person - I'm a phone call away

Chatting with you in person really allows us to talk ideas through and ask each other questions, from my past experience you will find this very beneficial. It will give you confidence in me to do the job to the best of my ability. Its good to know that I and you are real people, you are what gives me the possibility to do what I love. With tattoo experience I have a good idea on what is possible for the tattoo artist to achieve. Send me an email and I'll give you my Skype details.

"It's my aim to make your visions come to life, and do it in a professional manner."
Octavia Vaughan

Step 3 - Design in Action

• First I would create a few outline sketches and email them to you, so you can over the design and see you that you are like where it's heading. You will know straight away whether you like it or not?
• At this stage I can do the all the revisions.
• Once all the revisions are done and you are happy with the outline, I will begin blacking in the final outline.
• Then we will talk about colors, and add these in.
• The Last thing you will receive is a small jpg of your final design.
• When you release the final payment you will get a copy via email of your finished tattoo ready to take to your tattooist.
• If you would like the original then theres a Postage fee which depends on where you are in the world. (normally around $10 -$30 for larger tattoos)
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Helpful Links - Advice for Custom Tattoos

Custom tattoos have become increasingly popular with more of you seeking to have something unique to you. Our desire to keep loved ones close, has made tattooing more popular than before and is still growing. Your individuality has lead more of you down the custom route, which allows artists like me to share in your experience and be inspired to push our art and imagination to new limits.

Below you will find some helpful links about getting a custom tattoo and what to expect. I will be adding more to this page as time go's on along. Every design process is tailor made to you, to suit your needs and budget.

Custom Gallery - Past customers tattoo design
Tattoo Gallery - Finished Tattoos
Advice Custom Tattoo Part 1
Advice Custom Tattoo Part 2

Commission Me

Deposit to start job is $50 and final payment at the end of job. If the job is quoted over $200, then I will be tiered over 3 payment including the deposit. Deposits are none refundable.

Send Me a Photo - Show Off Your Tattoo

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If you have any further questions please Contact Me. I look forward to hearing from you.