Temporary Tattoo Removal for the Face and Body using coconut oil.

When it comes to removing your temporary tattoos everyones skin is different. From dry to oily skin tattoos will react differently. For some the tattoos will come off easier and for others it will be harder.

The general rule of the thumb is the larger the tattoo the more difficult it is to remove. If you have body hair under the tattoo them that might hurt when removing, so its easier to remove the hair first.

The face and chest area are more sensitive parts of the body and the older you get the skin loses its elasticity so it will be harder to remove tattoos. I have worn my own tattoos on my face, and I can say from experience that temporary tattoos are harder to remove. Its all trial and error and what works for you might not work for someone else. So I’m making it my business to try different methods to see what the differences are.

My advise would be to use "Coconut Oil" it kinder to the skin and it Nourishes it too.

You can use baby oil, hot soapy water or rubbing alcohol they are also preferred methods in the industry.

Materials needed: Coconut Oil and Make up Remover.

Coconut Oil. (please read your labels first) I’m using MiaFlora for skin and hair. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on broken, irritated or sensitive skin, do a skin test first. Coconut oil it has so many usages and I use it on my face at night before I go to sleep. I notice the benefits of soft skin straight away, here are a few links below on the benefits of use

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Image 1. Coconut oil (skin and hair safe)
Image 2. Make up remover (this we will use towards the end of the tattoo removal)
Image 3. I have massaged coconut oil into my temporary tattoo, its will feel smoothy and look glossy. Leave the oil on for 5 minutes to do its magic, if your putting coconut oil near your eyes, Avoid contact with the eyes… you can use makeup remover later in the removal process for close up eye work.

Top Tip - Massage the tattoo do not rub, rubbing causes friction burn and will leave a red blemish on the skin.

Top Tip - Coconut oil is food for your skin it will feel lovely afterwards.

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Image 4. Use your fingers massage the area and you will notice the top layer of the tattoo moves around and is lose, so grab some make up remover and whip away some of the tattoo.
Image 5. Depending on the size of the temporary tattoo there will still be some stubborn areas, so massage some more coconut oil into the remanding tattoo and leave for another 5 minutes. then repeat with rubbing the are with makeup remover
Image 6. Now its almost gone
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Image 7. In the first image I rubbed the tattoo gently to push it all together so I could finally pick the last large awkward bits and use the make up moved again.
Image 8. I used make up remover sheets, but any makeup remover will do.
Image 9. Finally use a drop more coconut oil to massage into the skin as moisturizer.